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The fallen angel, Tracy Borman - hardcover

"Life has never been quiet for Frances Gorges at the court of King James I of England. After finding herself at the center of plots and conspiracies for many years both as an accused witch and a secret Catholic, by 1614 Frances hopes to distance herself from the decadence and ruthlessness of the aging and venal monarch. However, when a handsome stranger appears at a courtier's country estate, he immediately draws the wandering eyes of the King, throwing the established order of the court into upheaval. George Villiers is ambitious and violent, ready to take down whatever-and whoever-stands in his way, including Frances and her husband Sir Thomas Tyringham. New friends and old alliances-from Francis Bacon and Prince Charles to Sir Walter Raleigh-will offer Frances ways to resist the treachery of Villiers, but danger and Catholic plotting always lurk just around the corner, and sometimes from unexpected sources. With her meticulous eye for detail, knowledge of history, and evocative storytelling, Tracy Borman's The Fallen Angel is a riveting conclusion to her trilogy set during the first Stuart monarch's reign"--, Provided by publisher
Literary Form
First Grove Atlantic hardcover edition.
"First published in Great Britain in 2020 by Hodder & Stoughton."
Physical Description
474 pages, 24 cm.

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